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“I create prophetic art that speaks into the atmosphere to ignite passion for the Presence of the Lord.”Joanne

Joanne Meeks of Truth Speaker Art is an artist, teacher, and prophetic worship warrior with a mandate to ignite passion for the Presence of the Lord and to bring restoration and reconciliation to the land as a gatekeeper, worshipper, and watchman.

The Lord has spent several decades personally training her to ‘worship in Spirit and Truth’ with various artistic expressions. Especially proud of her Cherokee heritage, Joanne often worships from the perspective of a host people established on this land by the Creator before the foundations of the world. She also understands her position as truly a ‘daughter of Zion’ with a heart for her Hebraic roots.

Joanne carries a Bezalel seer mantle to bring designs from the Throne into earth realms. Her prophetic art is designed to equip the saints of ‘all nations, tribes, tongues, and peoples’ as we prepare the way for the Kingdom of God and His Glory to be manifested upon the earth.

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  • “I shall stand my watch and set myself on the ramparts and watch to SEE what He will say to me…”
    – Habakkuk 2:1

    Location: On the ramparts of the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, near the Tower of David.